New Mobile Capabilities Being Hatched In The Lab

I’m testing some new mobile options for our hosting clients that will see all hosted web sites soon enjoying full flexibility when it comes to a mobile version of each web site. I’m testing a common theme to accompany our automated switcher (which automatically detects mobile devices and switches to a pre-installed mobile theme). You… Continue reading New Mobile Capabilities Being Hatched In The Lab

Building A Better Bomb

We’ve gone back to the legendary Windhaven Network laboratory to reinvigorate ourselves with some of that alchemical magic that has made us so successful in the field of Applied Perception. Obviously, we had become somewhat distracted by our recent campaigns in the Balkans and northeast Africa, but we have returned with our travel trunks full… Continue reading Building A Better Bomb

Introducing Our Multi-Media, Web Design & Hosting Services

We are pleased to introduce a line of new services by our founder, Wicasta Lovelace. If you know our company, you no doubt know that Wicasta has always been the driving force behind Windhaven Network. It just makes good business sense to make his skills and services available through Windhaven Network itself. We will soon… Continue reading Introducing Our Multi-Media, Web Design & Hosting Services

Magazines And The Best Of Intentions

We’ve recently been convinced to try our hands at magazine publishing. Several of our clients have expressed desires to publish information that benefits various niche markets, and asked for our assistance in doing so. While we are not actually getting into the print business, we have long been thrilled by the prospects presented by Hewlett-Packard’s… Continue reading Magazines And The Best Of Intentions

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A New Focus

Throughout our history, Windhaven Network’s focus has been solely on providing a framework upon which our associates could build their projects, providing access to the Internet in the form of Web Presence, E-Mail, SQL database capabilities, Social Engineering and Marketing. As the needs of our clients have evolved, however, we’re found our role in the… Continue reading A New Focus

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