We Have Remained Us

Our Lead Mad Scientist

Well, we’re still here. We have remained us. The lobotomy didn’t take. We’re officially back in the lab tinkering with dangerous chemicals and fissionable material.

Anyway, despite all of the best counsel from all the best people, we’ve decided that we’ll be relaunching this web site (and sort of this company) in May of this year. Why May? Because that’s what the voices want, damn it. Who are you to question us?!


Our therapists says we have to find more constructive ways to channel our aggression.

Actually, that sort of ties in to the May thing (see what we did there?). No, we’re not going to go into any details. We’ve made loud proclamations in the past, only to have things come out sideways like a wet fart. Or, worse, we’ve set goals and then kind of wandered off into the ether, completely forgetting out own deadlines. Not this time. This time we’re just going to get it done. And when it’s done, we’ll let you.


We’ll get started in May.

So… why are we saying this now? Suffice it to say that something significant happened today, and we just wanted to commemorate the occasion. Even if it was only with a cryptic post to the web site.

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