Building A Better Bomb

We’ve gone back to the legendary Windhaven Network laboratory to reinvigorate ourselves with some of that alchemical magic that has made us so successful in the field of Applied Perception. Obviously, we had become somewhat distracted by our recent campaigns in the Balkans and northeast Africa, but we have returned with our travel trunks full of gold and our hearts and mind filled with amazing experiences. Now it’s time to get back to the business of building a better bomb.

First, we should probably extend our apologies to those unfortunate countries who have fallen beneath the wheels of our war machine in the World Domination – Total War! app on Facebook. While we realize that our unrivaled successes in these simulation scenarios disturb some countries, we must assure you that it is not our intention to literally invade the countries who have fallen to us in World Domination – Total War! If you or your ambassadors have been informed of such by the U.S. State Department, you have been misinformed. Our mission is one of peace. Especially if that means that peace can be achieved through weapons stockpiles and diabolical technology.

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