A New Focus

Throughout our history, Windhaven Network’s focus has been solely on providing a framework upon which our associates could build their projects, providing access to the Internet in the form of Web Presence, E-Mail, SQL database capabilities, Social Engineering and Marketing. As the needs of our clients have evolved, however, we’re found our role in the process evolving, as well.

 It’s with that in mind that Windhaven Network has decided to get our feet wet in Print Publishing to better assist our Writer friends, as well as establish a Record Label to help our favorite Musical Artists better reach the national stage. We are retaining our Diabolical Products division, and will continue to market those products which our customers simply can’t love without. But our focus will be expanding into exciting new territory.

We’ll post more information on these projects as they develop. In the meantime we’ll keep on doing that which we do so well.


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