Home Sweet Home Animal Rescue of Tampa

Home Sweet Home Animal Rescue of Tampa Bay

While we don’t often showcase new clients, I am thrilled to welcome aboard Home Sweet Home Animal Rescue of Tampa Bay. HSHAR focuses on animals that are not mainstream and are therefore often overlooked or forgotten.

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Mad Scientist

A New Windhaven Network

I know I’ve been slack on the web site. As most of Windhaven Network’s clients know full well, I am mostly interested in dealing with my clients on a personal basis, seeing to their needs and making sure they’re getting the services they’re paying for. As such, I’ve kind of let this web site suffer.

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Ubuntu Logo

Linux For Everybody

Ubuntu LogoLong time customers may have noticed a few delays in the implementation of new services and updates to their web sites. There’s a reason for this. I’m calling that reason Linux. Or Ubuntu Linux, if you want to get technical about it.

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