The Fifth Circle Initiative

The Fifth Circle of HellWe’re pleased to announce, in a very general sense, an ambitious project for 2014, for which Windhaven Network will provide infrastructure, analysis and implementation. It’s being called “The Fifth Circle Initiative” because of its subject matter (which we’re not at liberty to discuss in detail at the present). More information will be forthcoming as details become available. For now, let it suffice to say that the project involves music from three or four artists, a novel, a short story collection and artwork from a number of talented artists.

Sure, we’re jumping the gun in announcing it, since many of the details are still in the formative stages. But we’ve been asked to provide an image that participants can post on their web sites as a teaser, and this is our way of doing it. Web sites which include this image in their sidebars or footers are going to be a part of the project. This image will change somewhat as the initiative begins to bear fruit, with links to pertinent information.

Please stay tuned! 2014 is going to be a trip…

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