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Windhaven Network is currently focused on building a modest Internet infrastructure to support the various projects and campaigns of our clients. Many of our clients have full access to our Diabolical Products Division, which aids in the development of branded products and targeted merchandising, contractor security, land-based and satellite-based defense systems, as well as providing access to our own line of private sector weaponry under our Diabolical Weaponry brand.

We are currently involved in a push into the publishing industry by facilitating the development of a print edition of the Malleus Maleficarum Online web site, as well as making available other long neglected titles such as Kings Mountain and Its Heroes by Lyman C. Draper and The Standard Manual of Soda and Other Beverages by A. Emil Hiss. We are also negotiating with Wicasta Lovelace to bring his online version of the first draft of M.E. Caldwell to the public in a collector’s edition softcover format, and assist in the publication and marketing of his 7-novel Asrian Chronicles series (which will soon begin with the novel, Blood & Chartreuse) and it’s follow-up, the 7-novel series, Arumaea.

We’ll also be expanding into the Music Industry by providing basic Label services for many of our musician friends in the Tampa Bay area of Florida and the Piedmont area of North Carolina.

Also by Fall 2012 we hope to bring our new line of ice cream to the public, focusing our initial push on our three excellent new flavors; Fat Bastard, Crunchy Critter and Reamed by Rum.

Please check in often for updates.

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