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Here are my options, which I’ll explain in more detail on the product pages.

Price Package
$100.00 Live One Song Option
$200.00 Promotional Music Video
$250.00 Whole Set (Live) Option


Video The Hard WayI debated about whether to even offer video services. It’s really labor intensive, and most people can’t pay for the amount of work that’s required for a decent video. At the same time, we all know that we need decent videos to promote our work. So… what do ya do?

Well, if you have deep pockets, there are plenty of people running around out there with high-dollar video equipment, eager to shoot your latest video and get you on your path to stardom. But who the hell can afford them?

You next option is to get your cousin to bring out his video camera and take a few videos in exchange for a beer or two. That’s the easiest choice. But have you noticed how horrible the audio always sounds? Camcorders do okay on video, but they just weren’t designed to handle the higher volume levels of a live performance. And if you have a crazy guitar player (like most bands do), you know how hard it is to get some people to perform at reasonable volumes.

I won’t bullsnot kid you. I don’t have the latest, high definition professional video cameras. If I did, I’d be charging a lot more for my services (just to pay for the equipment). But I don’t think most of us need that level of quality just yet. What we need is someone who can document our work and band, preferably with audio that doesn’t suck. I mean… why does the audio always suck?

The audio is what I’m all about. And that’s what will separate your video from all the other videos out there. If you want to make a great impression with your band, your videos have to have good sound. After all, it’s music you’re selling, right? Why would anybody want to buy your music if it sounds like it’s coming through an AM radio with a busted speaker?

What I use is equipment similar to what your cousin has. The big difference is that I record the audio separately in CD quality stereo on a dedicated audio recorder, and then sync that audio with the accompanying video later on with video editing software on my editing computer.

It’s not rocket science. But there’s an art to it. I can help you out, and I’d love to help get you and your band well documented as you move forward, at prices you can actually afford. If you’re interested, drop me a line and let’s talk. Or click on the links in the table above to learn more about what each package gets you.

~ Wicasta

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