One Leg Rooster – OLR3 Status Page

This is the status page for the mixing of “OLR3” by One Leg Rooster. Songs with an have not been worked on. Songs with a  are currently being worked on (and are at least 50% done). Songs with a are in at least preliminary final mix stage and can be listened to by clicking on the button.

[button link=”″ style=”download”]Earl I Is[/button]
[button link=”″ style=”download”]Easy Time[/button]
[button link=”″ style=”download”]Firefly[/button]
[button style=”tick”]Fox Mountain[/button]
[button link=”″ style=”download”]I’ll Never Die Young[/button]
[button style=”tick”]New Orleans[/button]
[button style=”tick”]Over You[/button]
[button style=”tick”]Piece of the Pie[/button]
[button link=”″ style=”download”]Put Some Stank On It[/button]
[button style=”tick”]Start at the Bottom[/button]
[button link=”″ style=”download”]White Trash With Money[/button]

Please keep in mind that all tracks are subject to tweaking and final balancing.

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