Servers Hacked

The following domains are temporarily unavailable due to hacker activity; – – – – – We’re preparing a roll-back of services for these domains, and will update this web page shortly in regard to status. Paramilitary commandos from the Diabolical Products division are en route to the hackers’ location(s) for… Continue reading Servers Hacked & No Longer Supported

As of May 15th, 2008, Windhaven Network is no longer providing support for and You may find Ms. Felonie and Max Cortez through their MySpace pages, which their names are linked to.

Windhaven Network Site Back Online

The Windhaven Network web site has finally gone online again. This is following much wrangling over DNS settings and has concluded with us removing our account from Network Solutions. Hopefully from here on out the web site can grow without pesky interference from annoying things like misconfigured DNS and NameServer settings (long story).

Site Update

We’ve decided to post a blog on this domain because we figure it’s rather lame to have nothing but an index holder. Especially when you’re trying to convince people that you’re a bonafide outfit. Image is half of the battle, yes? And while this is hardly the image I would go for with Windhaven Network,… Continue reading Site Update

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