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Wicasta and Sunny the SquirrelIf you got this far, you’ll notice that I’ve only just now posted a photo of myself. There’s a reason for that. While I’m available to my clients and know each of them by name, let’s face it… you’re not here to make a new friend. You’re here because you need services. Now, I feel compelled to let you see my face so that you’ll know I’m a human being and not some corporation or company with a stock photo to represent the business. This is me. That’s my squirrel. And I promise you I won’t make any bad puns about being nuts about web and audio services.

If you’ve looked around on the Internet, the one thing you’ll quickly notice about the types of services that I offer is that wherever else you go, those services are almost universally over-priced. I’ve never really understood why. It seems to me that little Hunter or Alexis studied some HTML and decided they could make a living charging $500 for web sites that look like restaurant menus. And businesses, not knowing any better, gladly pony up that cash for a web presence. It’s like somebody charging you $100 for a sub sandwich because you need it and that’s what everyone else is charging. Well, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to pay that much.

And where audio services are concerned, it’s like little Harrison or Brooke learned to use their cool new Waves mastering software that their hacking skills allowed them to download from a BitTorrent web site, and decided they could charge musicians and bands $75 per song for mastering services. You pay for it because you have to have it. But you still know, deep down, that you’re being robbed.

Obviously, I don’t have much patience with the pretense.

Here’s the deal, and my promise to you. I do good work, and I do it at reasonable prices. That’s the entirety of my business model.

I think we all know reasonable when we see it. Just check out the links around here. Whether you’re looking for a web site for you band, someone to master your latest album, get your videos up on YouTube and Vimeo in the correct formats and resolutions, or help with developing your merchandise, I can hook you up. Drop me a line with any questions you might have. You might be surprised to discover how useful it is to have somebody on your side who doesn’t just see you as potential income. I genuinely want to help.

With all due apologies to Hunter, Alexis, Harrison and Brooke, I haz a better option. Besides, how can you not trust a man with a squirrel on his head?

~ Wicasta Lovelace

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