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Need to register a domain name, but don't know a domain registrar from a Russian czar? I'll be glad to register your domain name for you, and keep up with its yearly renewal, as well as take care of all the personal and technical contact information.

Please note the domain name you wish to register in the Notes section during checkout.

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PLEASE NOTE: This is a yearly, recurring fee. You’ll be notified ahead of time when your domain comes up for renewal and invoiced.

You don’t have to register your domain name through Windhaven Network. If you already have a domain registered with someone like GoDaddy or Dotster, I’ll provide you with the NameServer information you’ll need to point the domain to our servers.

If you haven’t registered your domain name previously and don’t want me to register it for you, you will have to register it somewhere before we can host it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “domain name”?

A domain name is what you use to find a web site. For example, our domain name is  Amazon’s domain name is Yours will be whatever you choose, such as

What domain name extensions can I register?

We currently register the following extensions:


Base prices for different domain extensions fluctuate. I charge a flat rate for registering a domain name for you, but that includes the domain name registration and a few bucks for my troubles. I’ll always get you the best deal possible. Sometimes this will mean your domain being registered for 2-3 years instead of just 1.

How long does my registration last?

Domain name registrations must be renewed on a yearly basis. When your domain name comes up for renewal, I will notify you ahead of time, and then send you an invoice for the cost of the renewal.

What happens if I don’t renew my domain name?

If you choose not to renew your domain name when it comes up for renewal, your domain name will expire and can no longer be used with your web site. It can then be purchased by other people. That’s not me being a meanie. That’s just the way it works. Remember, we don’t keep your domain name. We’re just registering it for you.

Who owns my domain name once it’s registered?

You own your domain name. If I register it for you, it will be registered under Windhaven Network just because I’ll be registering it under our account. But it’s yours. I’ll be happy to transfer it to another registrar upon your request.

If you choose to let your domain name expire, we don’t keep it. It’ll just expire, which means someone else could register that domain name for themselves. Windhaven Network will not retain it.


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